About Us

About Us

We are a company with years of experience in the market, dedicated to lighting and Project management. Our proven record of excellence backed by our clients, is based on our personalized attention, whose aim is to satisfy each and every need of our customers. The responsibility and seriousness with which we work, in addition to the quality and excellence of our products, have created loyal clients, who have placed their confidence in our company.
We count with highly qualified staff and we commit ourselves to our customers till we manage to surpass their expectations at unique costs. Every Project is a reflection of the dedication, seriousness and passion with which we work.


We provide advice and we adapt to our clients´ needs.


Refinement, good taste and the creation of environments are the cornerstone of our projects.


We provide solutions based on modern and innovative concepts.


We make energy saving and energy efficiency studies.

Our philosophy

Our mission is to generate both economic and energy savings, to reduce the CO2 emission to the atmosphere and to encourage responsible consumption. This means that our projects not only take care of even the smallest easthetic detail, but also significantly reduce costs and environmental impact. Our objectives are not limited to the mere sale of products, but they are expressed in terms of our daily commitment and both pre- and post-sales personalized attention.

Our clients give their opinions

  • I am delighted with LedandWind! They adviced me and made a wonderful job. Antonio, Málaga
  • I don’t usually give opinions about the products I buy, but in this caseI will because I think it is a very good product. Consumption is minimal and the light it gives is amazing! Maria, Nerja
  • In my opinión, they are a highly qualified team. From the beginning of the Project, they were really involved until they took care of even the smallest detail. Julian, Marbella