Hugo Boss

This project’s premise was to save in energy costs. We succeeded in reducing the bill by 50% and lighting costs […]

Didier Borgeaud Nerja

The client asked for a specific light with a certain temperature in degrees Kelvin, and the challenge was to achieve […]

Hard Rock Café

In the store, we replaced conventional lighting with led lights, attaining substantial energy savings and standing out the colours that […]

Carmen Suarez Moda

Comprehensive led lighting project. General ambient light was created and we increased the intensity on the product areas, with their […]

Didier Borgeaud Nerja 2

Thanks to the quality of our exclusive products we achieved the objective of getting a specific light with a certain […]

Stilo Shoe Store

We replaced conventional led strips with led strips specially used for shoe stores. This is a regular practice, given that […]

Didier Borgeaud Mojácar

Led lighting installation at the establishment. LOCATION: Mojacar. Almería. YEAR: