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Philips GU10 50° Dichroic Bulb

The Philips GU10 50° Dichroic Bulb 3Pk – 50W is ideal for use in the kitchen, bathroom and with desk lights. The halogen light provides a crisp, clear, white quality effect which allows focus on a task. This bulb is fully dimmable, from 0 to 100%, to meet different brightness requirements. The dichroic shapes are an ideal replacement to spotlights and reflectors, whilst the capsules are small but powerful and are great with decorative fittings.

  • Average rated life of 2,000 hours
  • Clear front lens
  • Fully dimmable
  • Great with decorative fittings

Height: 12cm

Width: 14cm

Depth: 4cm

Weight: 100gr

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